Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Liberty Institute Wins Major Victory for Veterans


Obama’s VA Concedes; Says Remove All Truth Bombs

HOUSTON, Texas, September, 2011 – Today, Liberty Institute announces a major victory in the Rainey v. VA case following a mediation session where Judge Lynn Hughes issued a consent decree ordering a full reversal in response to Liberty Institute’s challenge that the policies and procedures restricting religious expression at Veterans’ Cemeteries are unconstitutional. The results of the Rainey v. VA case will affect the policies that govern veterans’ cemeteries across America.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Evangelism Outlawed in San Antonio?


Harassed, Imprisoned Street Evangelists Sue to Protect Religious Speech

SAN ANTONIO, September 9 – Today, Liberty Institute filed a lawsuit on behalf of Todd Leibovitz and Jose Muniz, two men whose religious free speech was not only silenced, but punished by the City of San Antonio and former Officer Craig Nash and Sgt. Myron Oberheu of the San Antonio Police Department.