Friday, November 30, 2012

‘Tis the Season for…Religious Attacks?


You won’t hear these stories in the mainstream media, but the War on Christmas is very real and is continuing to heat up in cities and towns across the country. Last week, a small Illinois town chose to remove a Christmas cross from atop the village water tower after the Freedom From Religion Foundation threatened a lawsuit.

The 19-foot lighted cross has been placed atop the Alsip, Ill., water tower every year since 1973, but this year, the cross will be replaced by a tree. According to an article in the Southtown Star, the village mayor made the call in order to avoid a costly lawsuit.

Sound familiar? It should, because this is the way FFRF and other radical groups operate. They fire off demand letters to any city or school district that dares to allow public displays of faith, they threaten lawsuits and they bank on the fact that these local government officials will cave to avoid large legal expenses.

This is where Liberty Institute comes in. We are working diligently to reach these cities and towns before they comply to the demands of atheist groups that are trying to religiously cleanse our nation. We need your help to continue to provide free legal representation to cities and towns that are experiencing religious attacks.

Please share this information with the leaders in your own local city or town. Tell them that we offer services free of charge to individuals, churches, schools and local governments facing religious attacks. They can reach us at 972-941-4444 or through email at

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