Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bah, Humbug! Nativity Scenes and Christmas Under Attack


Looks like Freedom From Religion (FFRF) thinks it has this year’s hottest stocking stuffer…a threatening demand letter. Attacking Nativity scenes, Christmas trees, student plays and concerts – there is no limit to what this atheist group will do to completely remove “Christ” from Christmas.

The Wisconsin-based organization seems to be pulling out all the stops this holiday season, blanketing the country with intimidating letters that misinform city officials about their legal rights. This year, they have been especially unrelenting in their attacks on one of the most popular, beloved Christmas symbols – the Nativity scene.

  • A Nativity display that was placed in front of a Pittsburgh community’s city hall for years has been moved to a former church down the street after the city received legal threats from FFRF.
  • The Nativity scene that used to sit in front of the Woodbridge Municipal Building in New Jersey has been removed after FFRF sent a letter to local officials, claiming the religious display violated the “so-called” separation of church and state. 
  • On November 19, a federal judge ruled that the city of Santa Monica is allowed to ban seasonal displays. This includes a Nativity scene that has been displayed in Palisades Park for approximately 60 years. 
  • FFRF recently sent a letter to Houston County asking it to remove a Nativity display from the county courthouse lawn. According to KTRE news, Judge Erin Ford says “he doesn’t plan to take the Nativity scene down.”

Unfortunately, many cities give in to the demands of FFRF and other groups like the ACLU and Americans United for Separation of Church and State, mostly to avoid costly lawsuits.

Liberty Institute is here to help. We offer legal assistance free of charge to cities and towns across the country facing attacks against public expressions of faith. We have been blessed with a 99 percent win rate, and we never take that for granted.

Currently, we are advising several local governments that have fallen into FFRF’s line of fire, so please pray that government officials will be bold enough to stand with Liberty Institute and fight for their First Amendment freedoms. Also, pray for our attorneys as they work tirelessly to be one step ahead of these radical groups, so we can educate and inform local governments about their true constitutional rights.

If you know of a city or town facing this type of religious attack, please contact us at 972-941-4444 or through email at

Your financial support is also more crucial than ever, as we face some of the most intense attacks on religious freedom we have ever seen. Please continue to give. Because when we have the money to defend our constitutional freedoms, and when people are bold enough to stand, we can WIN!

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