Thursday, April 26, 2012

Legislation Would Protect Rights of Chaplains and Christian in Military


Chaplains and Christians in the U.S. military should not have to compromise their religious beliefs to serve. Since the official repeal of the policy prohibiting open homosexuality in the military, however, chaplains have been prevented from speaking their faith in certain situations. There’s a growing atmosphere that frowns upon criticism of homosexual behavior and chills the speech of chaplains. Moreover, Pentagon officials issued two directives requiring chaplains to perform same sex “marriages” on military bases. While officials later withdrew these directives, the military continues to be an institution ripe for challenges to traditional marriage.

Liberty Institute Set to Encourage and Protect the Free Speech of Valedictorians Nationwide


As the school year winds down, high schools across America are preparing for graduation ceremonies and valedictorians and salutatorians are working on their speeches. Liberty Institute is poised to make certain these students are not intimidated from expressing their faith in their speeches if they choose to do so. Liberty will conduct a nationwide outreach, via social media, to seniors who will speak to fellow students and their parents at graduation ceremonies.

Settlement Takes Veterans Closer to Restoration of Mojave Desert Cross


Liberty Institute is pleased to announce the signing of an order this week that signals the “beginning of the end” of an 11-year battle with the ACLU over the Mojave Desert Veterans Memorial Cross, erected in 1934 in honor of World War I veterans. In 2010, in Salazar v. Buono, The Supreme Court ruled that the memorial cross, which stood atop Sunrise Rock in California’s Mojave Desert, is constitutional and should not be torn down. Not long after that ruling, the cross was stolen and has yet to be restored.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Another Victory for Veterans in 11-Year Fight


PLANO, TX, April 24, 2012—Liberty Institute announces a milestone victory in the 11-year battle with the ACLU over the Mojave Desert Veterans Memorial – a Cross monument that, prior to the ACLU lawsuit in 2001, stood quietly on public land honoring veterans for 67 years. Today, U.S. District Court Judge Robert J. Timlin signed an order ending the ACLU’s lawsuit and paving the way for the original memorial site on Sunrise Rock to transfer to the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), so they can restore the Memorial. The U.S. Congress originally authorized the land transfer in 2003.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Heritage Christian Academy Teacher’s Inappropriate Behavior Breached Conduct Standard


Liberty Institute Discusses Dallas-Area Christian School’s Constitutional, Religious Liberty Right to Terminate

ROCKWALL, TX, April 13, 2012— On behalf of its client Heritage Christian Academy (HCA), Liberty Institute responds to the lawful termination of Ms. Cathy Samford who served in a ministerial position as a teacher and volleyball coach at the Academy. HCA terminated Ms. Samford because she admittedly engaged in inappropriate behavior when she engaged in sex outside of marriage violating the specific terms of her written employment contract and the school’s written policies, including being a Christian role model.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Houston War Veteran Spotlighted in New Music Video


Liberty Institute Will Film “Don’t Tear Me Down” Music Video in Houston, TX, April 12

What: Houston native Sgt. Chris West and other area veterans will share their poignant stories during a scheduled music video shoot in Houston, TX to promote “Don’t Tear Me Down” –a national effort to save America’s endangered veterans memorials from being torn down by the ACLU and other groups.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Liberty Institute Defends Austin Pregnancy Resource Centers’ Free Speech and Religious Liberty Rights During Federal Trial


Attorneys Are Hopeful That the Court Will Declare City of Austin Ordinance Targeting Pro-Life Pregnancy Resource Centers Unconstitutional

AUSTIN, TX, April 11, 2012—This week, on behalf of Austin pregnancy resource centers (PRCs), Liberty Institute concluded a federal court bench trial in which they challenged the constitutionality of a recently enacted city ordinance targeting PRCs. The ordinance unfairly requires PRCs to post a sign at their front entrances with a false and misleading message about the services that these pro-life organizations do not provide. However, pro-abortion facilities providing or facilitating abortions are not required to post signs or disclaimers that reference their services or procedures. At the conclusion of the trial, U.S. District Judge Lee Yeakel requested additional briefing from both sides. His ruling is anticipated within 60 days.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Justice Department Asks Supreme Court to Overturn Mt. Soledad Ruling


The Mt. Soledad Memorial Cross is just one of many veterans memorials across the country under attack by the ACLU and various atheist groups who want to tear down all references to religion on public land.

Liberty Institute Files Appeal to Defend Church from Discrimination


Opulent Life Church has enlisted the help of Liberty Institute to protect the church from discrimination by the city of Holly Springs, MS. The church wishes to expand their current space in downtown, but due to zoning restrictions the church must get the approval of 60 percent of nearby residents and the town’s Mayor before they can expand. No other type of business in Holly Springs must obtain such approval.