Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Freedom From Religion Foundation Protests School’s Portrait of Jesus


An Ohio middle school is the recent recipient of the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s (FFRF) threatening demand letters.

Jackson Middle School received a letter from FFRF, warning the district that displaying a portrait of Jesus within the school is unconstitutional and asking for it to be removed.

According to Ohio’s WCMH NBC 4, Superintendent Phil Howard says they have been able to verify that the portrait has been in the hall of the school “since 1947, if not before then.” He also said that he and members of the school board have decided they will not remove the picture unless “they are forced to by a court order.”

Hundreds of schools across America are receiving similar letters from groups like FFRF, Americans United for Separation of Church and State and the ACLU.  What’s next? Banning Renaissance paintings on religious subjects, or banning the playing of Handal’s Messiah from public symphony halls?

Fortunately, this school district has made the bold decision to stand up for their First Amendment rights, but many times, we see districts concede to the demands of radical groups to avoid costly lawsuits.

Liberty Institute can help if we reach these districts in time. Please pray for our attorneys as they work tirelessly to be one step ahead of these radical groups, so we can educate and inform local governments about their true constitutional rights.

Also, if you know school district facing this type of religious attack, please contact us at 972-941-4444 or through email at

Your financial support is also more crucial than ever, as we face some of the most intense attacks on religious freedom we have ever seen. Please continue to give. Because when we have the money to defend our constitutional freedoms, and when people are bold enough to stand, we WIN!

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