Monday, February 4, 2013

Obama Administration Delivers a Trojan Horse of Disrespect to Faith-Based Groups


New HHS Mandate Proposal Still Requires Morally Objectionable Insurance Coverage 

DALLAS, Texas, February 4, 2013—Liberty Institute issued the following statement about the Obama Administration’s new proposed rule regarding the HHS Mandate:

“The new proposed HHS rule is merely a Trojan Horse that misleads faith-based groups and all Americans into believing they will no longer have to provide objectionable insurance for birth control and abortion-inducing drugs,” said Kelly Shackelford, Liberty Institute President and CEO.

“The Obama Administration has resorted to political-maneuvering as usual when it could have exempted all Americans who have a religious objection to the HHS mandate. In delivering this so-called compromise, the President disrespects the religious liberty rights of Christian colleges and other para-church ministries, while continuing to require faith-based businesses and individuals to provide and pay for insurance coverage to which they have religious objections.”

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