Wednesday, February 6, 2013

SFOI Peacefully Shares Faith with Fans in New Orleans


Last weekend, sports fans flocked to The Big Easy for Super Bowl XLVII, and Sports Fan Outreach International (SFOI) was on hand at the festivities to peacefully spread the Gospel.

For years, SFOI has shared the Word with fans at major sporting events across the U.S. and the world. Sunday’s big game was the third Super Bowl in which Liberty Institute attorneys have worked with SFOI to ensure their religious freedoms are protected.

This year, as in the past, Liberty provided SFOI members with important information on their constitutional rights and equipped members with a letter detailing those rights, which they could present to law enforcement should they face any discriminatory issues. Prior to the event, our attorneys also contacted New Orleans city officials and local police authorities to confirm that free speech and free distribution of religious literature would not be impeded.

Throughout the weekend, Liberty Institute attorneys stood by to consult with SFOI, police and security personnel to ensure that laws were fairly enforced. On the Friday before the game, Liberty Institute Attorney Justin Butterfield received several urgent calls from SFOI about issues with local police, but the issues were quickly resolved, allowing SFOI to continue to share their faith with the thousands of eager sports fans.

Through our work, and your generous support, SFOI has been able to successfully exercise their First Amendment rights without fear of retribution or disturbance from local law enforcement.

If you know of a ministry or organization like SFOI that needs guidance or information, please have them contact us at 972-941-4444, or send us an email at

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