Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Freedom From Religion Foundation Demands Removal of Vietnam Veterans Memorial


Liberty Institute is stepping in to help the city of Coos Bay, Oregon, after city leaders received a letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation, demanding they remove a Vietnam Veterans memorial because it includes a cross.

The city retained Liberty Institute to conduct an investigation and make a report and recommendation regarding the constitutionality of the memorial, which has stood for 41 years in Mingus Park.

“Why must these activist groups’ culture war spill over onto the veterans and their memorials?” said Liberty Institute Director of Litigation Hiram Sasser. “All they ever did was serve our country and provide the very freedom these activist groups claim as their own.”

The Coos Bay veterans memorial joins a list of veterans memorials facing aggressive assaults from groups like Freedom From Religion Foundation, the ACLU and the American Humanist Association.

Currently, Liberty Institute is leading the charge and the main defense in the continued effort to save the Mt. Soledad Veterans Memorial Cross, a cross that has stood since 1954 as a symbol of the selfless sacrifice and service of our nation’s military. For more than 20 years, this memorial has been the subject of a lawsuit brought about by the ACLU, which claims the memorial’s cross violates the “separation of church and state.”

While the attacks on these memorials increase, the good news is that when people are bold enough to stand…we can WIN. That point was proven last year with the restoration of the Mojave Desert Veterans Memorial Cross. Our clients, longtime memorial caretakers Henry and Wanda Sandoz, the VFW and The American Legion were present for the historic event – an event 13 years in the making.

You can help us continue to protect memorials like the Coos Bay Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the Mt. Soledad Veterans Memorial through your prayers, and your commitment to help spread the word about these important cases. If even one of these memorials fall, what will happen to the countless other veterans memorials across the country? Where will these groups stop?

Your financial support can ensure that we never have to find out. Please consider a gift today to join in the fight for our veterans who paid the ultimate price for our freedoms and for all Americans who cherish their religious liberty.

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