Thursday, February 27, 2014

Liberty Institute Investigates Surprise IRS Audit of Pro-Israel Ministry


This week, Liberty Institute, in partnership with the Washington, D.C. law firm Bancroft PLLC, submitted Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to the Internal Revenue Service, the Treasury Department and the State Department on behalf of HaYovel, Inc., a Tennessee-based nonprofit dedicated to the support of small independent farmers in Israel.

The requests seek information related to the surprise field audit the IRS conducted of HaYovel in December 2010.  The audit came a few months after the organization was featured prominently in a July 5, 2010 New York Times article titled Tax-Exempt Funds Aid Settlements in West Bank.

The FOIA requests seek to determine whether there is a connection between the New York Times article, the current administration’s policies with regard to Israel’s settlements in the West Bank, and the audit of HaYovel in 2010.

“We are hopeful the investigation will not show that the IRS targeted HaYovel, a family-run organization that simply loves the people of Israel enough to assist its farmers,” said Liberty Institute Senior Counsel Roger Byron.

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